Vandana Shiva on Deep Ecology

The first time I learned about Vandana Shiva, was in a memorial text on Arne Naess (later more). This Indian eco activist, philosopher and  feminist tries to be ‘the change she wants to see’.  She has set up a research organisation to ‘eliminate the injustices that causes hunger’. Through publications, seminars, protests and the setting up of farms she works to support smallholders, and upholds with passion, viguour and intellectual clarity the principles of agroecology.

In a nutshell you can find her ideas in the quote below:
‘Deep ecological solutions are the only viable solutions to ensuring that every person on this planet has enough food, has enough water, has adequate shelter, has dignity and has a cultural meaning in life. If we don’t follow the path of living in ways that we leave enough space for other species, that paradigm also ensures that most human beings will be denied their right to existence. A system that denies the intrinsic value of other species denies eighty percent of humanity, their right to a dignified survival and a dignified life. It only pretends that is solving the problems of poverty, it is actually at the root of poverty. And the only real solution to poverty is to embrace the right to life of all on this planet, all humans and all species.’


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